Hello Pretty City is a radio show on Sundays, 8-10pm, on EXIT 97.7fm, WEXT, in the Capital District and streaming live online at www.exit977.org. Oh…and Metroland named it the “Best Indie Rock Radio Show” in 2012, 2011, and 2010. Sweet!

On this site you can check out playlists from previous Hello Pretty City shows with a few announcements and photos thrown in the mix, too!

Would you like to receive each week’s playlist via email? If so, just give me a click right here to go to the special sign-up page. (Please know that I hold your email address in high esteem and I won’t share your email address with anybody.)

Hello Pretty City started in late 2002 on Tuesday mornings on WRPI and moved a little further up the dial to WEXT in the spring of 2010.

My email address is helloprettycity (at) gmail [dot] com. Please feel free to write and say hi.