>march 13, 2007

>love trees

low: always fade
bonnie “prince” billy: cold + wet
palomar: how to beat dementia
holly golightly: rain down rain
swan lake: widow’s walk
slumber party: late nite
xavier rudd: messages
peter bjorn and john: amsterdam
neko case: that teenage feeling
menomena: wet and rusty
frida hyvonen: you never got me right
fujiya and miyagi: transparent things
the chrysler: thinking about the brown haired boy
the cat empire: lullaby
willy mason: gotta keep walking
ane brun with teitur: rubber + soul
arcade fire: (antichrist television blues)
i’m from barcelona: oversleeping
dr. dog: the way the lazy do
cornelius: music
the one am radio: the echoing airports
elizabeth mitchell: little wing
james yorkston: summer song
arthur russell: another thought
silver lakes: human parade
arthur dodge: million year muse
apostle of hustle: cheap like sebastien
julie doiron: me and my friend
tobias froberg: gods highway
kristoffer ragnstam: dr give the world a smile
goldfrapp: number 1 (mum remix)
dolorean: heather remind me how this ends

One Response to “>march 13, 2007”

  1. Ariel Says:

    >I just wanted to say that i couldn’t wait to get home from work today to learn more about the cat empire. I went directly to their myspace page and wil probably buy an album…or two. Thank you for great music. Keep mixing it up for me!!! briong more stuff to Valentine’s!!