>march 27, 2007

>for crying

arcade fire: ocean of noise
the concretes: change in the weather
shearwater: palo santo
alicia bb: best friend forever
andrew bird: dark matter
amy winehouse: he can only hold her
churchbuilder: dreams
lost in the trees: time. it will not erase me
son volt: the search
sea wolf: you’re a wolf
elvis perkins: may day
le reno amps: wound up
bill callahan: sycamore
shuggie otis: inspiration information
antony and the johnsons: fistful of love
tobias froberg: when the night turns cold
the cush: you’re free
white flight: solarsphere
dean and britta: say goodnight
lcd soundsystem: new york, i love you
but you’re bringing me down
ravens and chimes: eleventh street
the delgados: accused of stealing
harlan: days of delirium
rio en medio: heaven is high
beirut: carousels
vashti bunyan: come wind come rain
vandaveer: grace and speed
nick drake: northern sky
walker kong: we are the falling stars
hansel and gretel: lady liberty waltz

One Response to “>march 27, 2007”

  1. Michael Says:

    >hpc: i’m so lucky to have found you. i was passing through albany from nyc on tuesday to get to court in amsterdam and stumbled on your station and was blown away.

    judging by your comments i’m not sure you will like it, but I bought LCD soundsystem after your screening of new york, etc. and i’ve got to say that you were right about your hesitations with them. new york is a fantastic song, but the rest of the album is very uneventful and rather boring.

    i will be an internet devotee to hpc as often as the alarm will get me up in time. by the way, what about a podcast? keep up the good work.