>april 3, 2007


jolie holland: springtime can kill you
wooden wand: eagle claw
the magnetic fields: 100,000 fireflies
cibelle: london, london
loney, dear: hard days 1, 2, 3, 4
damien jurado: saturday
cibo matto: sugar water
the shakey hands: why and how come
alela diane: the pirate’s gospel
josh ritter: wolves
andrew bird: spare-ohs
robert palmer: johnny and mary
the rosebuds: cemetary lawn
mika: satellite
r.e.m.: driver 8
vandaveer: different cities
papercuts: take the 227th exit
papas fritas: afterall
the cripple lillies: henry darger fights the weatherman
the modern lovers: pablo picasso
arcade fire: ocean of noise
devendra banhart: cripple crow
elk city: little brother
the icicles: la ti da
leonard cohen: suzanne
the avett brothers: paranoia in b major
rose melberg: cast away the clouds
apostle of hustle: my sword hand’s anger
elvis perkins: moon woman II

2 Responses to “>april 3, 2007”

  1. Lyxia Says:

    >Hello Pretty City,

    Do not be ashamed for playing a DMB song; cover or otherwise! We all have guilty pleasures! I have many, including Aqua, Ace of Base, and that “I wanna sex you up” song.

    Wonderful show today. Please don’t ever leave RPI.


  2. fuadz2003 Says:

    >Enjoyed old matto,
    fell in love with a pirate songstress,
    discovered a Ritter and heard (and dug) some new Bird,
    thought of my wife when R.E.M. hit the waves,
    was concerned you’d gone soft when you played “Pablo….” with censors when you could have easily just chosen Kookenhaken(sp?) or Dinosaurs or Ice Cream Man (even though the former of the 3 is better), then realized that it was a request (why did I doubt you?), and finally heard an new song I already liked by the Arcade and went into the building to work… Thanks for making my morning memorable and keep up the good deeds!