Reading out loud to you

Do you think you’ll be hanging around Stuyvesant Plaza next Saturday, November 6? If so, stop by the Book House and sign my autograph book.

I’ll definitely be there around/at 11:20 because that’s when I’ll be reading part of “To Kill A Mockingbird” in the “Mockingbird Marathon: To Kill A Saturday.” A bunch of people are going to take turns reading the whole book starting at 9am and finishing up around 9pm. It’s a little 50th anniversary party for the book!

I’m pretty psyched to meet David Guistina from WAMC since I listen to him on the radio every morning. My reading time slot is at 11:20 just before his. (I hope he’ll sign my autograph book.)

Have fun on the Mockingbird Marathon Face Book page here and read mockingbird tweets here.

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